Snapmaker 2.0 review

When I fell down the maker-rabbit hole, the Snapmaker 2.0 campaign was one of the very first hardwares that caught my attention. I was amazed by it’s ability to both print, lasercut/engrave and cnc-mill. I quickly realized that the Snapmaker is very limited, especially when it comes to work area and modability. In it self, it seems like a great package, but it’s limits are way too obvious. This led me on the 3d-printers and the MPCNC. I’m super thankful that I didn’t jump on the Snapmaker campaign, I’ve saved money - but not time. I’ve spent countless hours trying to build and troubleshoot, I’ve been angry and saddened, but in the end - it’s been oh so very much rewarding. Now I know how to build my very own CNC, and I’m looking forward to the primo.

Still - I’m happy to see this positive review for the Snapmaker 2.0! Maybe it’ll be a machine that can attract many people to the maker communities, and after a while, realizing it’s limitations, more people will come to the v1 community as well?

What do you people think?

From all3dp:


CNCkitchen recommends the MPCNC over the Snapmaker 2.0 :wink:

(In the verdict)

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$1800 for 12"x12" and 50W spindle… But there worst is the completely proprietary system. I’m sure you’ll pay much more for each part than you would if it was using standard parts. The floppy need also seems nasty. Such a bummer.

Very cool that they recommended a MPCNC.

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