Software for linux and Mac Osx

Hi all,
Did you know software for linux and osx?

Thanks in advance

The MPCNC software consists of three parts:

  1. Software to create toolpaths as gcode files.
    ESTLCAM does this but is Windows based so you would need to run it in a VM under Linux or OSX.
    Have you looked at Autodesk Fusion 360 as an alternative? It has non-Windows options.

  2. A gcode “player” to send the commands to the Marlin (or other) firmware on the Arduino microcontroller.
    Repetier-Host is popular for this and it has Windows, Linux, and OSX versions.

  3. A way to load the Marlin firmware onto the Arduino.
    The Arduino IDE does this and is available on Windows, Linux, and OSX.

What I do:

I run ESTLCAM in a Windows VM. I use its built-in Arduino UNO (not Mega) firmware, firmware downloader, and gcode player. That way, I only need one piece of software (albeit on Windows.)

Is there any reason you couldn’t use I use it now with Marlin firmware on my Prusa i3 and run it on a Raspberry Pi.

If you are using the MPCNC with a 3-D printer (FDM) head then should work fine. If you have a cutting tool (router, Dremel, spindle) on the MPCNC then you need software that understands various size and shape tools and how to create objects by removing material rather than adding it. They are very different problems. That’s what drives the need for ESTLCAM or similar software.

anyone try linuxcnc ?

I used linuxcnc on my last router build and it worked well.I haven’t tried it on mpcnc but I’m sure it would perform nicely.I did run mach3 for a while but i found out wouldnt work for laser engraving, at least not with the notion controller board i was using. Running Marlin/Ramps now.