Software for vinyl cutting

Started doing some vinyl cutting on my MPCNC but I’ve noticed a slight problem.

Right now I am using Estlcam’s engrave option but when it cuts something there is often a small tab where the blade starts and stops. Is there a way to tell Estlcam to continue the cut for a few more mm’s rather than start and stop in the exact same place?

Alternatively is there a better software to use for vinyl cutting? It would have to be simple to use if possible as my wife isn’t very technical.



Try this, Drag Knife/Vinyl - V1 Engineering Documentation


Ah - this is great! I’ve had the same thing happening to me, a liiittle notch at the start/stop point. I thought it was because of bad calibration, but I’ve spent quite some time tuning and haven’t gotten the hang of it. I guess I should have read the documentation more thorough :wink:

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Thanks @vicious1

I remember reading through that page before I had Estlcam setup and wondered why those options weren’t coming up, just realised you were using part rather than engrave.

Just did a small intricate cut and it all came away easily.