[Sold] BigTreeTech TMC2208 Stepper Motor Drivers Step/Dir x 5


I accidently brought the wrong TMC 2208 stepper motor drivers for my MPCNC. I wanted UART versions but mistakenly brought the step/dir version by mistake. I only found this out after I put the chip coolers on, compiled Marlin V2.0 and found the firmware wouldn’t work with with the flag

#define X_DRIVER_TYPE TMC2208

but works perfectly well with


According to the BigTreeTech documentation soldering two small pads together converts these to UART operation. I do not have confidence in my own soldering skills to make the change and so have brought five TMC 2208 UART drivers which work very well.

So these are surplus to requirements. I cannot imagine ever using them, so am offering them for sale. I paid £30 from Amazon UK around three weeks ago and will take £15 for them. Or if somebody can find a compelling story as to why they would make good use of them (and have no cash), I’ll do a deal :slight_smile:

Le me know,




If you can’t find a worthy cause, I’ll happily give you 15 for them.


They’re yours, nobody else interested :slight_smile: Where do you live?


PM’d you.