[SOLD] MPCNC dual endstop for sale, Houston, TX


Selling my 2’x2’ MPCNC, dual endstop, Rambo v1.4 board and DeWalt 660. 3" cut depth. I also made a small acrylic enclosure you’re welcome to have. Some bits, too (40 pack of 10 flat nose, ball nose, flute, and engraving bits, 10 each).

Would prefer to sell the whole thing locally but am willing to ship parts if that’s all there’s a market for.

It works great and I just built it about a month ago, but I found out I’m moving to a small apartment, so I won’t have anywhere to put it.

Taking all offers.

Hello Adam,

I am interested in buying your MPCNC. Please email me when you get a chance.

Thank you,