SOLD / MPCNC parts, barely used, PoPprint KFB2.0 €200

Used MPCNC parts, €200 plus delivery. (€220 on eBay)

(Europe only) I will send a disassembled machine (from the photos) without a table. Tubes 25 mm, 80 cm long. PoPprint KFB2.0 control board Ramps 1.4 with DRV8825, LCD screen and 12V 10A power supply.
Includes TopDirect 5PCS Nema 17 1.7A 40Ncm stepper motor.

All parts printed in ABS.


(1.5 kW + VFD spindle is not included, I can sell for an additional €180)

[attachment file=“20191008_211502.jpg”]
[attachment file=“20191008_211442.jpg”]

[attachment file=“20191008_211435.jpg”]

[attachment file=“20191008_211429.jpg”]
[attachment file=“20191008_211414.jpg”]
[attachment file=“20191008_211401.jpg”]
[attachment file=“20191008_211350.jpg”]

Controller picture.

[attachment file=“PoPprint KFB2.0 controller board Ramps1.4.jpg”]


Can you check the shipping cost to Portugal? And is it possible to create an Ebay sell so it’s possible to pay with Paypal, for a safe exchange both sides?

the cheapest delivery I’ve found is 40 euros. yes, I can create an Ebay sell for € 220.

if you know a cheaper courier, then of course I will send the cheaper one.

Ebay could pull this as I am registered as owner. Either use a private auction or just use paypal directly it protects both parties.