Sold - mpcnc printed parts - 23.5mm -burly

I printed a PLA set for my brother who decided he didn’t have the time for the project. Ryan said I could post them here.

Tool Mount Nut Size #6-32

$100 includes shipping to anywhere in the US. Email to if interested.

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I am interested. What version is this? I built a 6-motor 24 x 24 MPCNC with 10" depth in Russia, but it got damages during my return to USA. Mine used EMT 3/4 and I am guessing this one uses full 1" pipe? Not a bad thing :slight_smile:

Details please - US Shipping address
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This is the 3/4 conduit version which is 23.5 mm. It should be the same as the one you had before.

It comes with the duel end stop prints as well.

If you want to purchase it, just send the funds through PayPal to the email in the first post along with your address and I will get them sent out right away!


Still available!

Price lowered to $80 :+1:

Parts have been sold!

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