Solid Stainless Steel for Rails

I have a Buddy that has some extra 1" OD Polished Stainless Steel laying around and is willing to give me a pretty decent price on it. I was wondering if there would be any downside to using that instead of the recommended 1" 0.049 wall thickness tubing

4’ long 1" dia ssrod is 10.7 lbs.

by the time you use it for 2 rails and the z axis stuff, you would add over 25 lbs to the machine, making all steppers work a lot harder. Not sure what the end result would be, but I imagine the belts stretching might become an issue after time?

Maybe for the side rails and legs that don’t need to move it would be nice, but the added weight to the moving parts can’t be good.

There’s a stickied thread on concrete filled tubes, it has all the info you need. Long story short, don’t use them for the moving parts. Dui has solid rods for the side rails on his mpcnc, but this won’t work very well for the lowrider. I’m also fairly certain they will bow over the 5 foot span if you’re planning to do a full sheet machine. It’s also a lot of extra moving mass to deal with.