solid wood thickness trick

I made a small box over the weekend to hold some bath toys. I made it from pine (I’ll have some finished photos, but it’s still getting coated with poly).

I used the expensive pine from HD. The stuff that is FSC and “Select” so there are fewer knots in it. It only comes in one thickness, which is about 19-20mm, depending on where you measure it.

I made the box with slots and tabs, and I didn’t want it to be 3/4" on some of the boards, because it would just end up too bulky for a small box.

I could have sent the stock through the thickness planer, and then carved out the shapes I wanted. That would have been fine, but I don’t like using CAD to adjust my gap. I always make it too tight or too loose, and it’s frustrating. So this time, to get the perfect fit, I just carved the pieces out at 3/4" and sent the carve pieces through the planer until I had just the right fit.

It worked out great. There were no goofy chips removed, although I was very careful about planer snipe.

Anyway, just another good tool for the bag.

The thickness thing is such a bummer. If we had more standard sizes (worldwide would be awesome), all sorts of things would be possible. I don’t like using so much plastic but having a really standard size is pretty nice.

I like that trick though, plane to fit.