Solution to controlling Nest thermostats with Homeseer

Recently switched from SmartThings to Homeseer and was dreading losing the ability to automate my nest thermostats. However, I figured out that via the smartthings → homeseer plugin I could still control my nest thermostats via SmartThings “scenes” (which I then “execute” in homeseer).

So for anyone out there wanting to automate your nest thermostats, you can do it via a SmartThings hub!

I too feel like SmartThings is starting to look like a dead end, I’ve migrated most of my routines over to Home. I’m just not ready to invest $$$ in another hub that might not be around in a few years. I’m really waiting to see if Matter develops into something.

I didn’t realize until today that Insteon is now dead as well, I’m glad I didn’t go that route.

As old as it is, it’s funny that x10 is still plugging along, I had x10 stuff over 40 years ago…

It’s just a pity that X10 is so hard to search for stuff online. It keeps getting jumbled with stuff that has a quantity of 10 (or 100, etc) i know several people that still use X10, and like it.

Personally, I still do a lot of my own home automation. I still have a PCB that slots into a Commodore 64 and manages up to 32 relays for switching stuff. Plus inputs for photocells and switches.

Nowadays, it’s a Raspberry Pi and GPIO interfaces, but I still tinker with stuff. I haven’t bought into the current smart home stuff, because none of the current generation looks appropriately extensible to me.

Smartthings can control x10 stuff I believe. Can’t remember if it needs an x10 hub though. My last place was all controlled over smartthings. The few things I have in the new place are mostly all Ikea(zigbee), with a couple sorta propriatary things thrown in, nanoleaf and my garage door opener. I got lucky and didn’t buy too many Instion switches, the hub started getting flakey about a year before they went under, found out you couldn’t restore the settings from the cloud, had to start over. Ripped it all out and went smarthings.

I use home assistant running on a home assistant blue. I have a bunch of ESP32s that I flash with ESPHome. I have a few shelly relays inside my light switches. It works with octoprint and wled. I even have a few bluetooth devices that can be read by an ESP32 running ESPHome (8 temperature sensors, and an air sensor).

It’s all pretty fun, but I have no idea how hard it would be for someone who didn’t write software for a living. There is a lot of control through the web UI, but I do pop into yaml, and sometimes even actual code at my house. I’m never sure if that is because I can, or because I have to.

I know there are nest integrations, but I have no idea if they work locally, or need the cloud.

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