SOLVED LCD won't toggle threw menu SOLVED

All parts bought from V1. Rambo board, LCD. Finally had time to start setting up and got it powered. I had a loose wire that kept the LCD from turning on. Got that figured out, but now it won’t let me toggle in the menu. The button works to get into the menu from the main screen but it doesn’t toggle when turning the knob. There was a couple times it would toggle to the second menu but never past. Seems like the knob/switch may be at fault but I’m uncertain. I tried paging through the forum so I wouldn’t have to bother anyone but I haven’t found anyone having similar issues.


I tried unplugging and swapping the wiring and also reversing the connectors and now it will move the toggle but it goes directly to the menu from the main screen and the button no longer works so I can’t select any of the menu options.



I couldn’t leave well enough alone and looked at my ender 3 and realized it used the same cable for the lcd. I swapped it out and sure enough I got the mpcnc responding. Now to move onto learning the programming so I can actually use it to carve something.



Nearly positive it’s one of the 2 grey cables that connects the rambo to the lcd because if I swap them without changing anything else it changes what happens with the menu/button/toggle function. Guess I’ll be ordering a new set of cables and trying that.


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Good work Paul. The cable or it’s connectors is where I was going to point you. Future forumers will appreciate your post, I’m sure. Thanks for sharing.

If you got it from me I can send you a cable, email me with the contact form and your previous order number.

Since you are getting a new one you might want to try and pop the end off and re-seat it on a fresh piece of cable further up see if you can get it going today, mail will take a few.