Solved Ramps dual endstop question

New guy her with a Mega/Ramps trying to setup dual end stops. I’ve downloaded the Marlin version shown here:

Everything compiles fine but the Axis isn’t defined like I would expect. I expected this: [attachment file=“dual stops.jpg”]
But I’m getting this: [attachment file=119599]
Is there anything that needs to be changed besides uncommenting a display?


Why would you have two Z? Is tis for the low rider?

You can change which axes are doubled in configuration_adv.h

It’s easier to start where you are than to start fresh.

Sorry for being vague. Yes it’s for a Lowrider 2. As I’m sure most know the Lowrider 2 has 1 x stepper, 2 y and 2 z.

After more digging my question was answered in the Lowrider section, I guess I should have posted there. To remap the drives I just had to uncommit dual x axis in advanced H, I was just afraid to mess something up by poking around. Hopefully the end stops will be as simple when I can get them wired up.