Some bolts / screws could be shorter

i’m builting the lowrider2 cnc right now. In the “hardware parts” Ryan mentions 24x M8x35 but M8x30 is long enough, as he has them in the mpcnc hardware parts, too. have a look:

[attachment file=114633]

left M8x35, right M8x30


agreed, looks like maybe a conversion error, or something like 30mm is not a common length maybe? I forget, I remember hearing something like that, but not sure if it was on the metric or imperial side.


M8x30 is very common

Like I said, I don’t remember if it was on the imperial or metric side. That or a conversion error.

As suggested it’s a holdover from the original SAE size. 5/16 x 1.25 is actually one of the tougher sizes to find, but 5/16 x 1.00 is just a bit too short. 1.25" is around 31.75mm and since 32mm would also be tough to source he just went up to the next standard size. 30mm length is just fine and Ryan really ought to change to BOM to use it for these. Maybe on the next iteration…

Sweet thank you for the picture. I will need to change the BOM and Instructions. Not today but soon.

Done. thank you.

Odd I had 30 on the MPCNC and the previous LR…brain fart.

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The M8x95 could be a M8x90 (though i have a 15mm Y-plate, M8 washers and 24mm wide wheels), have a look:
[attachment file=115086]

And the M4x40 could be a M4x35 (25mm OD rail), have a look:
[attachment file=115087]

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