Some builds made with my mpcnc

first job was to cut 2mm white acrylic panels to my 3d printer, the result:

cuting one of the panels:

my current job is to cut 19 and 16mm mdf to build a top bar arcade machine. This is still in the building fase…
Some spec of the arcade machine: 22’’ led lcd, 2 players with 6 buttons each, 2 buttons only for flippers, sound 2.1 with subwoofer, pc intel i3, 8gb ram, 1.5Tb drive. hyperspin with 1Tb of games (emulatores from spectrum to wii)

so far the mpcnc proved to be a great little machine and lowed me to do some nice new projects…
only complains are from my wife… but women simply do not get it…

How well does that Windows tablet run repetier host? Do you slice with and if so how does it perform?

That arcade station is awesome!

The UM2 clone looks great and who doesn’t like an arcade machine. Ah the good ol days of playing arcade machines…I need to get my MAME collection out again. Great work with the MPCNC.

i use the tablet to download, slide and control the printer with the touchscreen or web browser, is connected to a radds board by usb with repetier firmware.
The tablet is an dual core processor with 2gb ram, it is overpowered to simply run repetier host. This Chinese tablet are pretty cheap and powerful. I like more this solution instead to have an raspberry or a similar board to have an web interface. The repetier host give-me all the necessary tool to print, no need to have a pc.

So far the MPCNC work was expected, the pieces produced have the correct dimension. The only difficulty i have initially was to have the pieces to cut leveled in relation to the router. To solve this i have build a rectangular aluminium structure that can be easy leveled by four M8 screws.

The printer is a corexy and not a UM2 clone, they have different movement mechanism.

So you slice your STLs on a different pc then transfer them to the tablet?

Facing the spoil board should fix your level issues. I plan on building a liftable table structure as well for milling as my Z is pretty tall.

Do you have any of the rigidity mods installed on your printer? If so how did work before the mods as compared to afterwards?

I thought a Ultimaker 2 extended could be the first project for my MPCNC, now I saw your corexy. What are the differences between this two?

I tried hyperspin, It looks so good but takes some serious setup. I had excitebike setup on Kodi, I would love to get some more games on there but I need to find a better skin/theme for games.

Nice work. Tell your wife I’m sorry…and start making some things for her!

hyperspin is very time consuming… time i do not want to spend, so i downloading a 1tb package of hyperspin already all configured and with all videos, roms, images, etc…

ultimaker the motor are stacionary and the carriage is moved by the x and y central rods, the mpcnc is similar but with the diference the motor are not stacionary.
corexy have stacionary motor too, but the carriage is moved by two belts in oposite direction. the corexy is better to the ultimaker movement because it allow to move more heavy carriage and faster.

no, i use the tablet to do everything, is a windows 10 tablet.
i have 2 rigid mode installed, but i have done both when i frist build the mpcnc.

Your G&C printer is a very nice design! I had acces to a ultimaker 2 extended to print my MPCNC parts. This is the only experience I have with 3D-Printers. I think you have a lot more so I hope you can give me some advise.

  • Can you say something about the print quality and speed of your G&C compared to Ultimaler 2?
  • What is the difference of your G&c compared to Vulcanus V1 ?
  • Did you have a look at Vulcanus V2, Vulcanus Max V1.1 and Vulcanus Max 30/40 from aldricnegrier.

At the moment I am a little confused what would be the best choice to build ( G&C, V1, V2, Max V1.1, Max 30/40)