Some video game nostalgia

First time using a 90 degree router bit to make the box pieces from a single 1/2in board.

Working on a shot glass setup now from 1/4in


Very nice, though I’m video game clueless so I don’t get it. Straight bit? The sides and top look mitered, how did you do that?

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Unreal tournament and before and a little battlefield but I don’t remember that weapon :thinking:

Call of duty zombies mode.

I used a 1" 90 degree bit

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Ah, so carved them with the outside up with a different bit, then used the 90deg bit with them face down to cut the miters?

Yes, but the reverse of those operations

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Cool, thanks :slight_smile:

my kid has 15 of these bottles on his dresser that rattle every time you walk by them.
I was just going to carve up a board with an indent to hold them and an led light strip underneath the whole length. then mount to the wall like a shelf.

but clearly i need to think bigger.
this is great.