Some webstites were we could download files for CNC cutting?

Hi guys,

I was wondering if you know any good webstite where it is possible to download files of objects designed to be CNC cut?

SVG files of STL, whatever.

Thingiverse is not really convenient to find those, it is more appropriate to 3D printing.

Is there such a website where people exchange designs for CNC applications?

If you find one let us know. I find random things here and there, but nothing like thingiverse, which would be awesome.

Ive used a few from here. Tons of plain ole 2d designs. has a few.

There’s also

@David, how do you get the inventable stuff in something other than easel?

@Jeff, look down at the digital files section of the projects. Looks like they’re all svg or adobe illustrator(ai) files.

Ah, I see some now. I must have just clicked on a few that didn’t source the files.