Source for reliable quiet 3010 fans

Does anyone know where I can find some reliable quiet 3010 fans? I might settle for reliable with some noise for now if they are not too expensive. I am planning to update the effector on my Kossel to add print cooling fans & found a design to modify for my printer that uses 3x 3010 fans. It seems to be difficult to find these in quiet fans. I have a 4010 fan that I can not hear at all. I can not seem to find a 3010 fan that is quiet. I might have to see if I can change the design to use 4010 fans, but probably will be too big. I read that these fans are sometimes used in laptops. I have one old Compaq laptop that I will have to see if I can take apart to see.

Someone of the Folgertech facebook forum gave me this link for these fans.

There is a reason Wanhao moved from 30 to 40 in a Duplicator i3 update. Just saying.

And I’ve since put a 50 blower fan on mine. That allowed me to retire a 40 in the control box that’s screaming like hell.

Not to hijack the thread, but I put the 120mm on the back of my control box and removed the psu lid and fan. It’s way quieter now and I beleive it’s cooler, but I never measured it. I have one of the first ones with a bunch of printed “upgrades” and it’s still truckin’. I recently updated the firmware and added a bed sensor too.