Source Of Stuff To Cut

Does anybody have a source of items that could be offered for sale? Think setting a home scale manufacturing operation. It doesn’t need to be free, I’m willing to pay a license fee. looks like an interesting option, but they don’t look like they are willing to expand to just anywhere.

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There is some fun stuff here –

Here’s an old Makezine article about open furniture designs.

I would have thought the opendesk designs were freely downloadable, but can’t find actual download links…

There are a bunch of downloadable designs at atFAB, although they do want your email address to download…

There are a lot of cool smaller scale designs at ZenziWerken.

Someone here on the forums recently posted one of Derek Hugger’s Kinetic Sculptures.

I think it’s more fun to design your own though. I shared a chair and footstool design of my own right here on the V1 forums. I think @jeffeb3 has a step stool design out there somewhere (thingiverse maybe). Perhaps Ryan could create a place to share designs here? I think that would be awesome !


There are a few additional resources for CNC projects in this topic: Does anything like Thingiverse exist for CNC stuff

Kitchen helper. The second stair is adjustable. It works great. I cut it on my 24"x36" mpcnc.