South African Builders Question

Hi all

I completed my Primo J build about 1 month ago, and recently upgraded my mill from a Dremel to a palm router (Bosch). Everything works well and the crown test looks good, but I have issues with tube diameters. They are not consistent. Seems like its more obvious since I started doing a bit more “heavy duty” projects since upgrading to the Bosch. I have read up on similar posts, rebuild the core and trucks to try and get the best I can out of the current setup, but I have come to the conclusion that the tubes should be replaced. 1 to 1.5mm diameter variance makes a big difference.

My question to my fellow South African CNC builders is where can I find stainless steel 25.4mm tubes that are of consistent diameter?



Welcome to the forum, and congrats on your build! I don’t know anything about piping in SA, but I just want to support your decision on finding proper ones. 1-1.5mm sounds like too much deviation, it’ll haunt you for sure.

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