Specific Write Area

Hello everyone! I hope this is the right place to ask…

Can anyone explain to me if it is possible to tell whatever cnc software you are using to only “write” within a certain area…
For example, lets say I’m trying to mill, plot, or laser engrave an design within the Apple logo on the back of my iPad and don’t want to touch anything other than that. But the design I am trying to mill, plot, or engrave is larger than the apple itself. Would it be possible to tell the software ONLY write within the apple section?

I hope it makes sense.
Been looking all around for info but coming up empty handed.


  • Thomas

These steps would probably what I would do myself. When you create your design, make sure to include the Apple logo with the same exact dimension then add your actual design around it. Then when you create your tool paths, exclude the Apple logo. Then as a point of reference, set your 0 to the edge of the Apple logo so you can tell exactly where your MPCNC will start plotting/engraving. Then I’ll set my pen/laser’s starting point to the same Apple logo edge