Speed control on fix speed routers

Has anyone fitted a speed controller to a fixed spped router?

Heres 1 I’ve found on Amazon hope it suitable :confused:

There are several topics on this forum discussing speed controls. Various have been used. I used one similar to this one back when I was using DW 660. The general feedback (as well as my personal experience) is that speed control work, but they result in a significant loss of torque. There is some indication that more expensive speed controls results in less loss of torque.

Note that external speed controls (unlike the built-in speed control of a Makita or Dewalt), do not maintain a constant speed. Your rpm will vary with the load.

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Brilliant thankyou for your feedback:) ive went and ordered 1 , ive also got a 500watt spindle however i want to cut just a lottle faster so going to give the a shot with my 30000 rpm makita copy

You really need a closed loop controller to maintain the speed under varying loads. There’s no decent aftermarket controllers out there that are also sensibly priced. You need something like SuperPID but they are quite overpriced for what they are. It doesn’t make sense to add a stand alone controller that costs a similar amount to buying a new router that already has integrated speed control built in.

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A lot of people use a DW660 on their MPCNC without a speed control, and it has a fixed 30,000 rpm. My solution using this router was to stick to 1/8" bits with just one or two flutes.

That makes a lot of sense but surfacing with a 1/8" bit is going to get tedious very quickly.