speed controller

I have the dewalt 660 now and I missed the speed control on my little 300w spindle. I bought this one from amazon, we’ll see how it goes. so far it seems to work well in dry runs, it’s most effective from around 6 to 10 range. anything lower seems like it could cause stalling or overheating in router but time will tell


I have something very similar I use it all the time. really want to get a PID controller so it gives it more power when it hits a heavy cut…maybe the next project. The super PID seems like a cool ad on but, can I do it myself???

Great Idea. Using the optical sensor for true rpm is smart. A sensor kit for arduino with pwm out to a transistor replacing the pot on speed controller. Could it be that easy?

Would the super pid work with the DW660 or would we need to remove some electronics? It doesn’t seem to have soft start. I probably could stand to spend 150.00 but they claim it would be quieter.

I don’t see why it wouldn’t. It could really clean up some cuts.

I have looked into it a few times, I just keep thinking I can come up with something a bit lighter on the wallet with all the arduino’s I have around here.

I meant couldn’t I don’t think I could stand to spend 150.00 Unless I knew I would get a big noise reduction.

I would not count on much of a sound reduction. You can just get a spindle and vfd off ebay for a similar price and they are pretty dang quiet.

My vacuum is much louder than my 660, what are you doing for debris collection?

No dust collection now I just vacuum it off occasionally while doing a cut since it’s in the garage. I the winter I am going to put the machine in the basement so we can park in the garage and I am thinking it’s too loud to use down there without bugging everyone else in the house. I may just build a room down there and insulate it well to cut down the noise. I think I could do that for the 150 bucks too. We’ll see how loud it ends up being maybe the sound won’t travel as far as I think it will.

I could just figure out the drag knife stuff and make card board stuff too :slight_smile: