Speed irregularities x/y

We’re onto the icons here today and I’m tweaking where I can to squeeze what speed I can where I can. Can anyone tell me if this is normal?

I’ve upped the x/y speeds to 45mm/s and it blazes along nicely but only on horizontal and vertical paths (or nearly so). Is this a normal function that slows for the “bends”? Does it have something to do with the acceleration settings? It’s good and quick - just trying to deepen my understanding of how this thing ticks.

I encountered something similar, but on a different scale, which I believe to be a junction deviation setting that was a bit conservative for my purpose.

Unfortunately I dont know it well enough to recommend general settings or how they would be derived for a particular machine and use case.

The quick and dirty “fix” is to change firmware to use classic “jerk” method and then experiment with acceleration and jerk settings to get something close.

Eventually I would like to do a deep dive to be able to recommend values based on known or measurable parameters. Or perhaps someone out there has already done so.

Agreed, jerk or maybe double the junction deviation number. I swear they changed the formula somewhere along the lines but I can not find it now.