Speed up jog movements?

I was looking around in the Marlin firmware for a setting to allow me to adjust the jog movement. I did find the line below and changed the value from 400 to 800 but that didn’t seem to have any evident effect so I reverted back to the original value.


#define DEFAULT_TRAVEL_ACCELERATION 400 // X, Y, Z acceleration for travel (non printing) moves

If anybody has done this themselves and could point me in the right direction I would certainly appreciate it.

That is for the jog acceleration. If you are using the LCD you need to change the LCD speed multiplier in the config adv.h If you are using software you can just tell it what speed to jog at.

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Yeah I actually just installed the LCD and was looking to make the travel when spinning the knob a bit quicker. I’ll dig around in the config adv.h and try and find it. Thanks Ryan!