Speeds & Feeds

Just wondered if someone could help me out with using the FS Wizard to work out speeds and feeds, I am still new to all this CNC stuff but I am thoroughly enjoying using it especially doing V carving. I mainly use easel at the minute to mock projects up in but I am pretty certain the speeds and feeds they give for the v bits are very conservative and they could cut faster by my putting custom figures in, so I started using the FZ Wizard that is mentioned on the milling basics page, its dead easy when using standard end mills etc but when it comes to the V bit it asks for the tool tip diameter, I assumed this would be 0 with it being a point but it obviously doesn’t like it not having a + figure in there, I use both 60 and 90 v bits on a 1/4 shank, I just don’t know what I am supposed to put for the tool tip diameter and don’t want to have a guess incase I mess up the project or worse break my mpcnc somehow. Any help would be appreciated.

It is not that simple. Carving has various depths. You just need to do test cuts and figure out the deepest you can cut and at what speed.