Spikes Prospecting Equipment first build of MPCNC!

I am starting my machine, so I can the top profile of my Gold Prospecting Equipment Sluices. Only need about an inch of cut depth, from top of the stock, it being 2 inches thick. Some molds are bigger, so I am building a 20 by 45 work area. Using 6 extra support legs, to stiffen it up.

Printed Parts are in the way, making a list on the rest to get moving this next week.

Need to hit the scrap yard local and see if I can find a table, if not just build one.

Building the top out of a couple of sheets of Baltic Birch, using conduit.

The journey has began. Not my first rodeo, but more computer stuff than used to dealing with, but I’ll learn!

This is my last project, took right at 2 weeks start to where it is now, needing paint.[attachment file=105270]
New parts are Clemson Orange, fitting since I went there in 1976 for a year in engineering program.

Wish me luck,Spike overlook my computer skills, any advise offered will be most welcome.


Thanks Spike

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Progress, tore out the old Thermoforming machine, replaced it with my new MPCNC build.

Made good progress yesterday for sure.

Box, frame and tell me where on the belt this part goes.

[attachment file=105845]

Torsion box

[attachment file=105846]

Frame rough in, waiting on my bearing and last lock nuts

[attachment file=105845]
Where on the belt does this go??


Those small orange things goes on the X and Y origin of the belt if you go for dual endstop config!

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I figured out for the belt, just not where, thanks!

It sets your 0 point on the belt. So, if your standing at the “front” of the machine, X is left to right, Y is front to back. 0 is normally the front left corner. So those go on the X and Y 0 points. Basically give the Z assembly a quarter inch from the corners.

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Progress, waiting on rest of the parts!


You need some span supports on the long side. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1160962 I used the allthread feet in this one. Thread went up into the tube through a hole, then I ran a nylock up to the bottom of the tube, just enough to hold it in place so it didn’t sag.



I will be adding 6 of those supports.

Need someone to print them and a couple of motor brackets and a pen holder.

Anyone want to make them for me?

Can pay, or trade some mining equipment for them.

Thanks Spike

You will never need more than 1 set per side. 1 set = 4x rigidity, anything above that the center tubes are a bigger factor.

I can print those for you if you’d like.

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I have not gotten then yet

My email is


Please contact me let’s set it up

Will give you my phone number there

Thanks Spike

I got a new AC unit, I can go back to the shop now!!

Sent you an email.

With my business, and limited time to work on it, finally have it up and running! The Firmware was a pain and an education, for sure.

Turns out a bad SD card, in that came with the board is bad. Changed the card,

Booted up Marlin 2.0, all my changes and made these Crowns.

I with a big sharpie, then a ink pen, one is a single draw, the other is 5 traces over the lines, followed perfect Everytime, but once, when the pen went to deep!

Thanks Ryan for a Great Design, for my uses!!