spindel motors

hi newbie to this

question about spindle motors

what types of spindle motors can be used other then the dewalt(sp) tool? can a Dremel type tool or some of spindle motors I see on e bay be use also?

some of then have 2 wires others have 3 with a power supply. I am making a cnc( 12 x 12 inches )machine for hobby use only for making parts using soft woods like balsa and thin plywood. light duty only

how does the spindle motor connect to the board? how many wires does the motor use?

I am not to this point yet but I am at the planning stage.

thanks everyone


I picked up an old Craftsman trim router with three different sized collets for $25 at a garage sale. So fare it works perfectly. There are quite a few of them on eBay at the moment. The have a very true, round profile that fits into a mount very well that I made. Not sure how long the bearings will last, but so far, so good after a week of use. It’s slim and not heavy. It is long and hugs the Z axis well for balance.

If you pick one up, I’ll send you the STLs for the mount. I just haven’t gotten around to uploading anything to Thingiverse.



last question is there a manual for this machine?


thanks everyone.

I am unaware of a traditional kind of manual with chapters and sections and in a book form. I built it following the V1 site with the specification, parts, assembly, electronics, etc. It follows step by step a build. Then there is the milling basics and intermediate work making the side of the LCD case.

This page of how tos I hadn’t found until I had gone through everything and started looking at the forum a lot.

I watched a slew of videos to get a sense of what I needed to do step by step.

The spindle typically has it’s own power, either just a normal power cord like the DeWalt or a separate power supply like the Chinese spindles. You get everything ready with the bit at the 0, 0, 0 point for your piece, send the G92 command that tells your controller that is where 0 is, raise the spindle a bit to have some room and turn the motor on. Then you start your code and it moves around making cuts. It’s theoretically possible to use the controller to enable the spindle, and with some spindles even adjust the speed, but very few people have that working.


I have received many good post on this subject. for now all is well. I will be starting my frame build soon and will revisit this subject soon.

all of you have help me and I am feeling better about building this. for now I am planning to using the Rambo min board with the pi unit? I thank this will control all of the motors including a brushless spindle I plan to use as well.

it looks like it is a good kiss solution for me?

by for now.


big thanks to all