Spindle and power supply.

I have this spindle motor which has little to no documentation and coverage on the net. I was wondering if it were possible to have Marlin control the speed control on the spindle? I looked through marlin config but, still being kinda amateurish, didn’t see anything that looked similar. I figured, being a 3D printer not mill control I’d probably have to modify marlin. Not desirable.

If the answer is yes, can someone point me towards some docs? If no, should I be considering a different controller/software? Especially at my low knowledge and skill level? I’d really like to know the exact spindle speed, not just be relegated to the inaccurately labeled dial that came with the motor.

Last question. I noticed in the shop there’s a 12v 6a power supply. Is this the recommended PS for the MPCNC? Is it at all desirable to upgrade? It would be nice to drive the entire unit (axies and spindle) with one PS.

Thanks for the help.

According to one of the answers on Amazon:

Will you be able to set the spindle speed with G-Code... no. You need a model that accepts PWM and/or 0-10vdc to do that... which this one does not.
Apparently you can only change speed by turning the potentiometer.

@Bill, First, I don’t trust those questions and answers one bit. Look at the last picture on the ad. It clearly shows Mach3/1-10vdc. But that really wasn’t my question. I wanted to know whether Marlin, being a 3D printer firmware, could do it OOTB.