Spindle Choice

The parts list mentions that a Dewalt 660 is the best choice for a spindle. Is this due to the low cost, and lower noise than something like the Dewalt 611 or the Makita RT0701C ?

I already own the Makita, but would consider getting a dedicated Dewalt 660 if it is better.

Why not try the one you have and see how it works.

I second that. If you already have the Makita then start with it. It works great. https://www.v1engineering.com/forum/topic/cosx2y2-milled-in-wood-post-1/


The one I have I’m using to build a sailboat, and I’m not sure I want to have it running for hours in the CNC machine and possibly wear out quicker. The Dewalt 660 is only $60, and if it is somehow better to use due to low noise or whatever I would just get one.

Just wondering why it is on the list as the best one to use. Is the larger 661 or Makita better due to increased power, or is it overkill, and you actually only really need the 660?

I designed it for the dewalt, for a few reasons. Price, power, size, weight. The biggest advantage is the size, the samller diameter lets you mount it closer to the gantry. The closer you mount it the more rigid the machine, the fast and deeper you can cut. $60 is pretty awesome for 600W and it comes with 1/8 and 1/4 collets. It is also pretty light for it’s power.

Makes sense. Starting to think ill pick one up, and keep the Makita for other things.

It was suggested by another cnc’er my 300w air cooled spindle with speed control was under powered. I’m looking at spindles as large as 2.2kw water cooled with whole control boxes I think are called vfd maybe some aren’t though.

What size do you think I should get? I looked on amazon at different ones. Which is too big for new tool mount plate?

The dewalt is 600W, I agree 300W wouldn’t be very fun to use but I think you would be fine with a 500W spindle, 2.2KW is probably 20lbs…way too big

OK great. I may look for something around 800w to be sure but I’ll see what’s available

Bigger is not always better, water cooled is a hassle for most people. 500W should be a really nice fit.

I’m gonna see what they have in air cooled then first

What do you think of the Dewalt 611?

Too big and expensive.

The larger it is the further it is from the gantry the further out the less rigid. all for a little more power that you will lose to the rigidity.

So then the best upgrade I see in cnc spindles is this:

Is it worth it or should I just get the Dewalt 660. I’m afraid of adding any wiggle to the situation sorry if I’m being crazy.

Not sure if you missed my last question, are too busy to answer, thinking about it, tired of answering my questions, or something else. Feel free to tell me off in most of those instances.

I’m gonna buy one or the other from amazon. I was really hoping to get your input on the option of the 660 you use or the one I linked to last.

thanks as always

That spindle is the same 600W as the 660, but cost 3x’s as much plus you still need a very large power supply and a speed controller. Is it better, maybe, that much better, I doubt it. I have not tried one so I am just speculating.

I agree on all points especially power supply since it needs a hard to find V range supply.

The only reason I hear to use spindles and the reason I got this one back when I was trying to make a junk kit cnc work was because they had less “run out” which I believe they mean the jiggle in the bearings etc in the routers. Do you see any jiggle?

Also did you do this mod:


Someone did a teardown of one of these cheap spindles on youtube. I’d stay away from them. They use rubber bushings to hold the bearings in place!

Yes, I removed the quick change part. Doesn’t work so well mounted to the cnc.

Yeah I have no real idea how good my 300w one is other than it has a speed controller. I got it to replace the Chinese Dremel knock off! That comes with mydiycnc.com kits so anything is better than that. I wonder if I could use the 300w spindle to power an electric bicycle??