Spindle is not straight

Hi! My spindle is a little angled which show here the 1inch dia surface bit not parallel to the board, right side is a little higher than the left side. Which one should i adjust? Thanks

The search term that you’re looking for is “tramming”

Search the forums for that, and you’ll very likely find someone who has solved the same exact issue.

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Check the gantry pipes first and make sure they are coplaner to the table before shimming anything. Chances are your gantry is twisted a bit.

Actually I accidentally move axis to left while the bit touching the surface which causes the gantry to bend.

Do printed parts can be easily deformed with that? How can i check without disassembling?

That doesn’t sound right. There might be a slight but not deformation.

mine was slightly off, I shimmed the mount by sticking a folded up sheet of aluminum foil between the router and the mount to push it in the direction i needed it to go in.
Lazy, but it worked.

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That what i did also. Tried adjusting but just got slight improvement only. Still not straight