Spindle/laser/coolant control firmware, latest Marlin 2.0

I put this together tonight since I want spindle and laser control on my MPCNC build.

M3/M4/M5 are enabled.

All spindle controls are mapped to the PWM-Ext header for easy connections. I’m using one of these and 2 N-Channel MOSFETs to interface the signals to my VFD. For laser use, I’m using the Blackbuck8 from DTR that accepts 5V PWM directly.

I also remapped the extruder output to the MX1 header to make it easy to add a stepper driver in the future if I ever want to print with the MPCNC.

Otherwise it’s pretty much the same as the shipping MPCNC firmware. I’ll keep it mostly up to date with upstream Marlin since the entire build environment is set up on my CNCjs Pi and I like updating a lot…

Also added support for M7/M8/M9 coolant commands, mapped to MX2 header. I plan on adding a compressed air jet for cooling/chip clearance. Might also use it to control a vacuum.

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