Spindle mount help

I have my mpcnc running a katsu spindle my mount are pla and have split the only issue i have is my 3d is poor and only prints pla can anyone here in the uk print me the spindle mount in abs and if so how much would you charge





I am not sure if switching to ABS will be beneficial. PLA should work fine. Can you post a picture of the mount and show where it failed? How long did it last? Maybe the design of the mount is the problem and not the material. I have seen a few router mounts on thingiverse that looked questionable and one even said in the description: “Haven’t tried it, let me know if it works”.

Even a “poor” 3D printer should be able to make a functioning part unless there is something seriously wrong with it. The strength of 3D printed parts can vary a lot with slicer settings (infill, perimeters, layer height, print temperature). It might be worth giving it another shot on the printer you have, PLA is pretty cheap after all. If you post more details of what you tried and the failure mode you’ll probably get some good feedback on how to improve the durability of the part.

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I have the US Makita version of that and I am using this one from thingiverse:


I think I printed at 0.2 resolution and 55% infill. It has held up fine so far, but I haven’t really been cutting a bunch yet either, just something here or there.

I used the “thicker” version, and it is printed in PLA.