Spindle Options

I’m starting to plan out my MPCNC build. I know the suggested spindle is the DeWalt DW660, and most people have gone that route. I also see mention of people going with the Makita RT0701C or Makita 3709. I think I even saw a couple of people using import spindles. From my standpoint, it looks like the DeWalt is the cheapest and easiest drop in option, but I read that it is super loud. The import spindles require a bit more fuss, but they can take remote run and speed commands (some have 0-10V speed reference). Anyone have their two cents?

For reference:
Brushless import spindle
Cheaper import spindle
Makita RT0701C
Makita 3709

>DW660 vs. RT0701C

People don’t decide what’s better, they decide what is available. The Dewalt is predominant in the US, while the Makita is IMHO easier to source in EU.

So you go buy what’s available. That’s it.

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I have a dewalt on the lowrider, and a 500watt dc spindle on the mpcnc. I had the 660 on the mpcnc, just wanted to try the dc one to see if it was quieter, it is, until it starts cutting. The dewalt has a bit more power, and is closer to the workpiece, so less leverage to throw it off.

Am I tripping or is this a good deal? 500W air cooled, brushless, includes power supply, hall effect sensor, 1/8" ERll (or 16) collet. Shouldn’t a PID be built in, we can control the speed and direction. $150…??? Am I missing something?


I’ve been wondering the same thing, I actually got a sample unit from china but it arrived with a broken speed control knob. I don’t like how the wiring goes to 3 seperate devices (controller, knob and power supply,) It really needs a box to hold all of those items with the knob mounted externally. Plus the box would cover the live 110v wiring which is pretty dangerous.

This video has the chepaer 400w version which gets pretty bad reviews.

The 57mm 500W brusless unit gets good reviews.

But I can get a refurbished Makita RT0701c for $75, or half the price and it has a one year warranty and more power. so I think I will try that first.

One can buy either one easily in the USA

this video comparison covers it fairly well.
the makita is cheaper and has lower RPM’s range and the brushes have external access. Only plus the dewalt has IMHO is 3rd party dedicated collets. Having to take apart the rotuer to change brushes is just poor stupid design.
The cheap $1 collet adapters have worked for me. Yes they wear out over time, but an extra one is less than a $1.

I’m struggling to find either the Dewalt or Makita routers here in the UK. What are other UK mpcnc’ers using?

I think the folks in the EU are using Kress trim routers.

Crikey, those things are expensive!


Yea, but from everything I’ve read, they’re worth it.

I’m really interested to see how that aliexpress router would go…

Is it possible to send the speed via the pot? in essence, replace the pot with an analog output from the arduino?