Spindle Options

Can someone help me understand the difference between the two spindle options.

Does the second choice offer speed control from the cnc?

I looking to do wood mostly, maybe some plastic and acrylic. I would like to try Aluminum eventually

I’m going to start my build tmr and I’m so excited.

Most of the time the spindle choice is determined by your location. For instance the DW660 is readily available in the US and runs on 110V, but in Europe it is hard to get and doesn’t support 220V. For Europe the Cress is best, but many people go with the Chinese sourced spindles due to the cost. Verify before buying that there’s a mount you can print if you are not up to designing your own, and make sure it has the power needed for your projects. The DW660 is 660W, most of the Chinese spindles are 400W or 500W.

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I live in the US so both options are great for me. I’m trying to figure out the difference in the two listed in the parts section here and here. I have learned that more money doesn’t always mean better. I don’t mind spending the extra $50 I just don’t know what I’m getting for it. Are both good for the materials I’m looking to cut? is one louder then the other? If one has speed control is that a feature that is good to have? Does more watts and RPM automatically mean better?


Sorry I’m very new



I went with the Dewalt and then, thinking it’d be quieter started looking into the spindle options. My research led me to the conclusion that the Dewalt was superior in strength to the spindles so I stuck with it. I just added a speed control and it’s made the machine a very versatile (and quieter if the job allows) machine.

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I’ve run both. The dewalt sounds like a banshee that just racked itself on it’s bicycle, the 500w spindle I have is waaaay quieter. I’ve done aluminum on both. If you are running a shop vac at the same time, it doesn’t matter, the vac is just as loud. Once you start cutting it’s also pretty loud, but I’ve run mine with the vac off without earpro for short runs and it didn’t hurt my ears. Bear in mind I used to work around running military jet aircraft, so my opinion on what’s loud is subject to how bad my ears are already ringing that day. The only thing I don’t like about the spindle is how far the collet holder sticks out. When it comes down to it, the spindle is just a motor with a collet holder bolted to the shaft, so it adds a couple inches in length over the dewalt. The fancier spindles have hollow shafts, so the end mills can go up through them, so they’re shorter. I got mine from Inventables.

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Thank you everyone I went with the Dewalt based on your feedback. I was reading the comments on the second spindle and although it looks like it offers speed control it doesn’t. Kelly I’m curious how did you add speed control to the Dewalt.