Spindle to increase cut speed?


I am really new to cnc router, I am really interested in building the lowrider2. I was wondering if using a spindle would speed up the cutting rate over a router?

I found a spindle (link below) for around the same price as the router, would this make any difference?

Thanks for any suggestion or recommendations!


Nope. The DW610 has a lot of power and moves the bit faster than we need, with more force than we need.

The other trouble with the spindle is you need a way to attach it vertically, and the LR plate is horizontal. The DW610 and many trim routers have a flat face you can use to attach it to the LR, so it’s a lot easier.

It’s better to use the Dewalt 610 because the LR was designed around it. Attaching something different isn’t going to do anything but create work and headaches for you. Just my opinion. Stay with the KISS rule.



Thanks for advice! I will stick with a router.