Spindle (UK)


My parts arrived a few days ago (thanks Ryan), so looking for a good spindle to use while I wait for my conduit to arrive.

I’m happy to spend a bit more money than normal on the spindle if it means I’ll get better results or have a wider range of materials to play with.

This one from Amazon seems pretty nice:

Is this massively overkill for MPCNC? What are the main benefits from getting a more powerful spindle?


I’d worry about the weight.

I would look for something in the 300-800W range. 3000W is like trying to water your house plant with a fire hose, it might work but it is far from ideal.

Thanks for the advice!

I think I’ll probably go for this one: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Kress-1050W-Milling-Electronic-Control/dp/B00DOTGRRY/

It’s a bit higher powered, but I’ve had some good recommendations.

Still pretty big But I have read nothing but good things about kress. We can’t get them in the US but I wish we could!

I wish I could get the dewalt in Europe but that’s only because of the low price.
That said a Kress will probably last longer as it was designed for running long periods on a CNC machine and its well worth the money.

A Kress 530 FM would be plenty powerful enough for a MPCNC.