Spirals instead of ovals/circles...

Yeah, so…

(I know the letters are cramped in the second image, it’s because I was figuring out my usable table area…I’m more concerned w/ the "O"s)

It was my first cut - used a 60* v bit into foam. I used Fusion 360 to generate the gcode (attached) - basically just made a block in Design mode then switched over into Manufacture mode, went through setup and engraved, then output w/ the Fusion 360 post processor I got from here: https://github.com/guffy1234/mpcnc_posts_processor

Any idea what may be causing this?

jdwolk.gcode (25.8 KB)

This looks like backlash (or similar). There are a few things that can cause this but the most common is when the belt pulley is loose on the motor shaft. Check that, and if its not it, we can look at other tests.


Looks like that worked, thanks a ton!

Use just a smidge of the blue loctite on those set screws once you get one settle on the flat of the shaft and it’ll never happen again.

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