Spoil Board Set Up

Looking for some advice from you experts about how you prep your spoil board.

My MPCNC has a work area of 11.5" by 35.5".

I am trying to determine the best method for prepping the board for clamping, etc.

Right now I have been just screwing the work pieces down but that ends up with dimples across the MDF that I then have to sand down.

With such a small area I am not sure what the ideal dimensions are for hold downs. Given I am just starting I have not really cut much stuff other than I did finish all of the cut outs for the LowRider which I am current working on.

I also have a dust shoe… that is a 3d printed part… perhaps not the best setup since it has a brushless bottom so it has to be close to the work surface for it to work effectively.

Just looking for any advice or suggestion from our fellow MPCNC’ers

I still use screws. I use a really sharp chisel to take the larger bumps off. I wack others with a hammer. Works fairly well so far.

I have a piece of T track down each side and use a few of these, sometimes with the help of angle iron, to hold stuff down.

I am going the pressure fit way this time instead of screwing down I have played with my prototype a bit and found out what works ordered some hardware and hopefully will have a video up about it in the next month or so but here is a pic of it currently. nothing pretty but functional and working

I was going to go the t track route myself but figured I wanted to keep my top pretty and not run a bit into it at 3am

I used a bit to cut a T track out of my spoilboard. (told the mpcnc to cut a bunch of lines a couple of inches apart throughout the spoilboard). I did this so I wouldn’t ahve to worry about hitting the track, and can easily resurface several times.
works really well

for the clamps I just found some clamps on thingiverse and printed them, and have also used some scrap wood with holes punched through them for the 1/4" bolt.

While in Indiana, I got a chance to go in Menards…wow you guys are lucky. That hardware store has pre cut panels with a very t-track like pattern. So you might want to check your local hardware store for that. I think it is made for wall display shelving but you can even buy aluminum inserts that slide in to make the channel even stronger.

I use screws, clamps, double sided tape, or just weights depending on what I am cutting.

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I thought about using some of the slatwall panels from Menards on my lowrider.

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That’s them!