Spoil board surfacing... And D'oh!

Was working on surfacing my spoil board and managed to kick the power cable out of the control board so the router plunged right in middle. Oh well, started over and am about finished now, did one pass in the y direction and then the x. I’m guessing the scalloped edges are from a combination of deflection and the roller blade wheels not being perfectly round but it’s a lot flatter than it was before. Now only my worst screwups and excessive extra depth cuts show through. Using a Whiteside 6210 surfacing bit.


You are really carving that thing up! A great proof of work :muscle:


That is a well used board!

Mine never see that much action before a new version comes into being and I have to take pretty pictures so I change out or flip my spoil board over. One day I am going to get there and hang it on the wall.


I think it was just over one year of using it. I’ll probably do it more often now that I finally figured out a method.