Spoilboard Surfacing

I purchased a spoilboard from another CNC company cause it has some slick threaded inserts. However, when I placed it on my MPCNC, it sits just outside of the cut area my MPCNC can handle. This makes surfacing the board quite difficult as there will be areas I cannot reach.

ANyone have advice on how I can surface my spoilboard entirely when parts sit outside the cutable area?

Thanks in advance.

Moving it in anyway after surfacing it 100% defeats the purpose of surfacing. surfacing and leaving a inset/embossed surface is also pretty pointless. Your best option is to plane down the outer edge, bolt it into place, the surface your work area. The easier option is to trim it to size.

I have never surfaced a single machine, Typically the Z axis is the least critical fro me. Not worth the time to shave off a few tenths of a mm more in accuracy. I change my spoil boards too often for that.

Thanks for the advice. I will give it some more thought. maybe I will simply leave it as is.