Spokane Wa-mpcnc to lowrider conversation

Just cut the plates and going to start taking apart the mpcnc. I don’t have the space for a a 4’x8’ lowrider and a failed 4x8 mpcnc.

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The square is 99.45x 99.89y

Pretty close to 100x100 square


Well, i burned up my dw660 on a work project. So now i have purchased a Makita RT0701C. only to find out they don’t make a 1/8 collet. I did find a company in Canada that custom makes them for a $18/ea

Hopefully they work out well. If not I will break down an buy a different router.

i ran into some issues. Mostly my fault

#1. I do everything from the lcd and sd card. So i cant use the LR firmware. every time I raise the z axis the y axis moves as well. So I am using the Dual rambo firmware for the MPCNC.
#2. I did not follow the directions when finishing up the 10mm belts. So after I tightened them up, the belt curled up enough to allow the ziptie clip thing(the d shape thing) to flip and cause slack mid cut.
#3. i started with using my DW660 from my MPcnc and now its dying and switching to the makita RT0701. (brushes are good it just starts losing torque after 5 minutes being on)

I still love this machine and will keep tweaking until I get it to working properly.