Squaring XY. Inserting Z Assembly Throws it Off

Hi gang. Found that if I don’t have my Z assembly in, the XY is easily squared. Then I tighten it. Still good. Then I install the Z and it throws it out of square by 3/4". (1st pic without Z, 2nd with Z)


Yup, it has to be done with all 4 tubes in place. Have another look through the instructions.

I remember when I assembled it following the instructions. A few issues I had:

  1. The bolts don’t slide in at all. I have to turn them in with a socket or wrench. The fit is very tight.
  2. When I put any of the rails on with the bolts loose, they already are oversnug. (See pic attached)

The pic shows the tube just sitting on the bearings, with the tension bolt nut loose.

How loose fitting should the bolts be? Just slide in?
How loose should the fit between the tube and bearings be before you tighten the adjustment bolt?

What should it look like @Vicious1 ?

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No the bolts should not just slide in.

The tubes are an interference fit, they should be snug.

Did not know that sorry.

I have yet to succeed but I will try and convince it to stay square.