Ssr 25 da

SKR v1.4 Turbo TMC2209 I can’t figure out the output from board to use leaning towards fan 2. I want to be able to send G code command to turn spindle on & off is this possible? image

What is that tiny image?

What are the input needs of the SSR? If it can be toggled with 12V, then you can use M106/M107 and a fan output.

  • Product Name SSR-25DA,Solid state module
  • DC 3-32V Input , AC 24-380V Output Voltage
  • Solid State Relay ideal for automatic process control application such as industry and medical

You can connect that to a fan port and send M106 S255 to turn it on and M107 to turn it off. If you use fan 2, then you need to add P1 or P2 (I’m not sure if it counts from zero or one).

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