Stainless steel sizes in US?

I’m working on building my parts list for a LowriderV2. I’m having trouble finding what pipe or tube I need to look for. Can any one provide actual dimensions for the stainless? OD and wall thickness please? I can’t find anything that matches what I see called out in the BOM.

1 inch outside diameter .065in wall thickness. You won’t find that at lowes or home depot. Need a metal supplier like metal supermarket or speedy metals.

Thanks, that’s the numbers I was wanting to confirm. What about lengths for a full 4x8 build? 2x 4’ for the Y gantry, and 4x 1’ for the Z ?

A couple inches over 5 foot for the long tubes. Mine are that size and I get about an inch either side of a 4X8 sheet.

Use the calculator to be sure on the size though. It’s a lot easier to cut them down from being too long than it is to cut them up from being too short.

So two 8’ sticks would work then I guess. Thanks guys