Stainless Tube: .049 wall vs. .065 wall?

Hello Everyone,

Well, I finally pulled the trigger and ordered all of the parts kits, router etc last night.

This morning I contacted my local metals supplier to order the 304 Stainless 1"OD .049 wall tubing.

Problem… They are out of stock. ETA: January…

They offered .065 wall tube that they have in stock. I explained my application and the sales guy felt certain that as they are both 1.0" OD that the .065 should be fine.

After reading the “flex test” I am not seeing any issue with .065. Am I missing something?

Is the .065 wall tubing going to be ok? Or should I wait? Order from another supplier?

What do you all think?



It is just much heavier for minimal benefit. More moving mass = slower accelerations.

Thank you!

I had not considered mass being an issue. I was focused on rigidity.

Thank you for the quick reply!!


Woohooo! I am excited to start my build!!!