Star Wars Mayan Carving

I’m in the midst of a pretty torturous test at the moment, 4+ hours…or so! Using a Primo 450 x 650 build plate, minimum Z. Makita 700 router with a 6mm 30-degree Vee. Part is 350mm diameter.

I’ll either report back, or have pictures of a smoldering mess!

Estlcam carve and Reptilier driving the machine.

About 90 minute in…

Another hour in…

Defo gonna be more than 4 hours…

No flaming pile of anything…worked a dream! Was over 6 hours though, need to improve my rapids I think!

Going back to sleep…will cut it out in the morning!

And cut out!



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How long did it take you to set that up in estlcam?

Took a good 3 hours at least…

Jeeze, and with no “undo” button!


Looks great so far!!!

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I think backspace is undo?

I’ve had no issue selecting and deleting stuff, I’m running via Parallels so it’s a Fn delete to remove something…

I just tried it. at least with toolpaths, backspace had no affect but the delete key would delete the last toolpath created but won’t go back any further. Something I really wish was available with Estlcam.

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Agree, Ctrl+Z would be a game changing update.

Looks awesome… I did mine with 60 deg bit but yours looks better with the 30 deg bit.

Also just made this one for my son, custom lettering - design was done in Inkscape.



That carve looks great! I’m jealous, I want one. My luck is that I would create that in Estlcam and I would miss something small that I wouldn’t notice until after hours into the carve.

As long as you don’t move the part you can Always go back and hit whatever was missed…