Starting 36"X60" build

I am starting this build once my bundle arrives. Ryan, FYI mine is one of the two bundles that were ordered on Friday. Anyways I know that I have a rather long axis. I was curious after hearing about them for a while, if anyone could point me to the mid rail support parts that have been mentioned.

I am also curious to know if anyone has built a machine this long, and if they had any big issues?

As a preemptive answer I am mostly planning on mostly carving very short depths into plywood, mdf and plywood. I am also planning on “drilling” holes in the material with the end mill as well. Is this machine too big to cut material out, for example would I be able to build the mostly milled 3d printer that Ryan designed?

Thanks for any and all answers!! I hope everyone is having a great weekend!!

This printed support has been around for a while,

if you haven’t already I think there’s a couple build logs on the forums here that are fairly large.