Starting a quadcopter frame

I’m starting some prototypes for my first diy self designed quadcopter.
Here cutting some aluminum angles. Incredible perfect cuts! I love my mpcnc!

I have my parts on order! I guess i didn’t get them in before the China holiday though so i won’t be flying for a while.
You know I’m going to be making a custom frame as wel! Can’t wait to see what you come up with.

You both need to post pictures. Sounds like fun.

Fun stuff! from the looks of that angle iron you’re going pretty big :smiley:

My first instructable was about a budget mini-quad I designed and built using my MPCNC for cutting the top/bottom plates:

I really need to finish the camera pod for it…super close just need to add an antenna mount and place to mount the video transmitter…and buy another cam since all my others are in use :smiley:

I’ve also been testing a new flight controller on my mini-hex that just became available for pre-orders yesterday. I’ve been scared to fly the hex though because the guy who designed it lost all his files in a hard drive crash so no replacements available. But now that I’ve got the MPCNC I can cut my own. Just need to take some measurements of the parts before I break them so I can re-create them…and find a source for decent quality CF sheet that’s affordable.

Would love to hear details about what you’re building and have planned for it!

That looks great Jason.
Jef, I’ll be posting my build in this thread. I’ve just started to test aluminum angles cut, designing 3d printed parts. Also all my stuff is been shipped from China, same as Ryan… It will take about 2 month to arrive (really it arrives quickly, but Argentine customs is very slow).

I’ll try an H frame. About 450 mm wheelbase.

Martin I am on the second/third revision of the first parts for my 200mm crazy frame. I have some of my parts in but I am waiting on the new betaflight board and my esc’s. Right now it is Carbon Fiber and 3Dprinted parts but if it’s cool and works, I can mill the small parts in aluminum.

Getting kinda pumped I have put in a little time with my 90mm aurora can’t wait for something bigger and a bit more resistant to wind.

When I get it all screwed together I’ll put up some pics. How’s your’s coming?

Give it a couple seconds and you get to see what happens when a prop shells out!

That was crazy, nice and calm good scenery then BAM.

I broke my little guy like that I think the prop disintegrated because it tumbled out of the sky and hit pretty hard, that or I punched out so hard the battery came out and disconnected. I walked up on the wreckage and it was a mess. Little super glue, good to go.

@Barry, you need to post a video flying through your barn. :slight_smile:

I have several quads, and they are all a little broken, because I rarely finish a flight without a crash. It’s always the same, “That was cool, what if I do it a little closer to the ground?”.

Also, I don’t fly FPV much. My favorite quad when I’m not is a 360 size, it’s a lot easier to see.

I’ve received all the parts from China last week. But I’m currently out of time.
I have some cf tubes that looks really sexy. As I have not finished my aluminum and printed frame I think I’ll try those cf tubes first.

@Jeff, this is the current state of my quad. It’s been like this for four years now. It always had a flakey flight controller and decided to drill for oil in the field behind my house. Somewhere along the way it’s radio came loose from the frame and hit a prop. No clue where it ended up. The props that survived the crash actually screwed themselves into the dirt! I’m backer 500 and something for this guy. Should get it sometime later this year.

This battery in one side does not look good for your CG…

That flying come looks magic. I don’t understand how it pitches. Does it use the camera’s gimbal for control?

Also, I agree with Martin, you need 3x more batteries ?.

Actually it wasn’t too bad. The flight controller is in the opposite arm, so it was slightly balanced out. My Motorola Atrix hanging off the bottom would screw with it sometimes though! Had the phone in a Ballistic case, didn’t want to spend the money on a GoPro.

Getting closer, waiting for the quadrant esc’s…

If all goes well I will replace the printed parts with milled or cast parts. The little printed clips will be tiny zip ties, but these are easier to prototype with.

203 diagonal (frame can be anysize), 5" props. I don’t know squat about FPV had to spend too much time online and pestering my buddy as much as he will tolerate. I have no business designing a frame at this point but I can’t just buy everything…

Looks great!
I have all the parts but no time… I hope2 weeks I can have some time for this project.

I like the tubes. That definitely has an MPCNC feel to it :). That camera seems a bit steep for a beginner. You will be going really fast! Looks great. I’m sure you’re ready to go get it dirty. Another thing I really appreciated on my first FPV build is a buzzer I can turn on with the radio, so that I could find it the first time I lost it in a pile of thick weeds.

Man I have over thought all the design aspects of this stupid thing.

Just like the mostly printed quad I have on thingiverse from years ago. I just don’t like big flat arms in the flow of the props. And there are a million frames out there, gotta be a little different.

I got the betaflight f3 coming it has a buzzer port I figured I would drop one on for sure.

The cam is at 30 degrees, my buddy keeps making fun of me everytime I try and make it a little less steep so it is fairly parametric. But he says just learn it at 30 and don’t be a sissy… I will start printing replacement parts now. The cam, xtx, and receiver are all rubber band mounted to limit crash damage. possibly the FC and ecs as well. My little 90mm is at about 30 degrees as well I think.

Only thing left to order are a few batteries and a charger. tattu is about 20 minutes from me som maybe I can drive over there and just pick them up.

Sorry for smashing your thread Martin I will ask my million questions in a new thread, sorry, I just got excited someone else was into these things!