starting fires

2 of the last cuts ive done have stopped mid cut and began wobbling bit back and fourth creating a tiny fire starter here is the gcode and pic of the cuts

x-fronts.gcode (192 KB)

amp-rack-dxf.gcode (229 KB)

Once you lose steps, the cut is done. You meed to find out why you’re skipping steps.

Looks like you DOC is 10mm, try 5mm. MDF is tough and I would not so slotting in pine at 10mm.

ok losing steps on the y and binding on the sides may be whats happening ill slow it down and change the cut depth thank guys

So I slowed it to 2mm per pass 8mm xy and 1 mm z and 2 flute 1/8th spiral upcut and alsoa a single flute spiral upcut and I have a arc xy it start shuttering loses steps DeWalt is at a 1 straight lines are perfect not binding all motors are tight belts have been loosened and slowly tightened I’m at a loss even if I drop it down to 50% while cutting it can still see the it hesitating in the curves also everything works perfect when it’s not under load

The newest firmware? Seems to be a setting issue with one of the motion settings for some people. Junction deviation can be turned off or the value doubled. See if that fixes it.

It is set to .005 change to .010?

I see in the latest release that junction deviation was disabled did this fix the stuttering issue I ended up disassembling and rebuilding everything I had bent stainless bars and I overtightened and warped the z y gantry pieces im about to reassemble and i was watching some old guy and i noticed he was having similar issues on a smaller scale

Did someone say starting fires?

Stoopid Friday afternoons…