Starting my tiny MPCNC

My name is Martin from Argentina. I’m starting to print the parts for my first mpcnc machine. It will be a small one, as I’ll use it for PCB engraving using my dremel tool and no to much space in my house. My work size will be 225 x 225 mm, and 80 mm for Z (size are conditioned by the closet space I will use to store it).

Based in all I’ve read in this page, youtube videos, etc, I’ll go with this:

  1. I’ll go for the stainless steel 1" tubes
  2. Metric hardware. May be hex heads. I like how Tin’s hardware looks
  3. I’ll start with classic mega + ramps, but also have a mks smoothieboard clone to try.
  4. As I’ll want to try other tools, may be a laser, drag knife, etc, I’ll go with the universal mount from HicWic

I would like to read your opinions about these or other points.

It all sounds good except milling PCB’s with a dremel. It has enough power but the runout might be too high.

Ok… so I’ll need to go with some other tool… like a chinese spindle… 300 to 500W whould be ok for PCB? What about little aluminium machining?

The dremel might work, if you have one try it. If not don’t buy one for this purpose. Not that it won’t work but it is very far from ideal and actually kind of expensive.

You will never mill a 5’x5’ pcb so if that is the main purpose of your machine you should really do yourself a favor and make it much smaller. I think most PCB mills are about 5"x5"…

If you have not used a cnc mill before you are going to have a very hard time machining aluminum with a 5’ machine. Pcb’s and aluminum parts are at exact opposite ends of the cnc spectrum. Have a look at commercial machines made for these purposes and you will see they are built very different.

If you want an all purpose machine, make it as absolutely small as you can.

Ok. Great. I’ll start testing with my dremel.